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2024 Equity Incentives Design Survey

Unlock access to key benchmarking data and analysis by participating in this leading study of global equity comp design practices

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Get Critical Insights on How Public Companies Design Stock-Based Comp Plans


Don't miss this opportunity for essential insights and benchmarks on the design of your domestic and global equity incentives, from stock options to performance awards. How does your company's plan design(s) align with those of other companies? Are you following best practices and on top of emerging trends? Find out by participating in equity compensation's #1 analysis of plan design and guarantee your access to exclusive results.



Deadline to participate has ended.

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Deadline to participate has ended. Sign up for survey updates.

Focus Areas and Key Questions to Be Answered

Icon - Equity Mix

Equity Mix

What types of equity awards are companies granting?

Are deferred stock units the next big thing?

How common are ESPPs? 

Icon - Broad-based Plans

Broad-based Plans

How deep in their orgs do companies offer equity?

What guidelines are applied to determine award eligibility?

How common are annual grants?

Icon - Global Equity

Global Equity

How do companies extend equity programs around the world?

In what countries is equity commonly offered?

How common are locally tax-qualified awards?

Icon - Award Features

Award Features

What do retirees get and who gets it?

How do vesting schedules differ for new-hire, retention, and annual grants?

How are grants adjusted for leaves of absence?

Icon - Performance Awards

Performance Awards

How has pay vs. performance changed executive compensation?

Is usage of relative TSR still increasing?

What types of ESG metrics are used in LTI awards?

This survey is administered jointly by the NASPP and Deloitte Tax LLP.

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Survey Guidelines for Participants

  • Issuers must participate in the survey to receive access to the full survey results.

  • Survey must be completed by May 6.

  • Only public companies that offer stock compensation to their employees may participate.

  • Survey respondents must have some level of responsibility for designing, managing, or reporting on their company's equity program.

  • Only one login to the survey will be issued per company. Please coordinate with the other stock plan personnel at your company to make sure no one else has registered to complete the survey.

  • Service providers are ineligible to participate, but will receive access to full survey results if current NASPP members.