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Equity comp pros, your expertise is in demand!

Showcase your great ideas and your equity compensation leadership by joining the best-in-class speaker lineup for the NASPP Conference in San Francisco October 14-17, 2024.

Topic Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

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  • Regulatory developments

  • Emerging trends

  • Election year fallouts

  • Uncertain economy

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  • Tax withholding and reporting

  • Mobile employees

  • Annual reporting

  • Insider transactions

  • Global plans

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  • Pay for performance

  • Investor "hot buttons"

  • Increasing equity plan ROI

  • Broad-based plans

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  • Creative solutions to administrative challenges

  • Participant education

  • Transaction and reporting procedures

  • New technology

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  • Stock plan expensing

  • Tax accounting

  • EPS

  • Internal controls

Company Equity Plans


  • Cap table management

  • Preparing for an IPO

  • Employee liquidity

  • Early exercises

  • Double-trigger RSUs

Present in One of Four Ways*

Pre-Conference Session

3 hours, 2-4 Speakers
In-depth examination of technical topics

Panel Discussion

60 Minutes, 3-4 Speakers
Conversational with case studies and interactivity

Power Talk

30 Minutes, 1-2 Speakers
Fast-paced, TED-style talks

Learning Lab

75 Minutes, 3-4 Speakers
High level of hands-on learning

* Companies may submit up to two proposals for each presentation type.

Key Dates for Conference Speakers

  • March 1

    Deadline to submit proposals

  • April 30

    Decisions announced

  • August 23

    Session materials due

  • October 14-17

    Present in person at conference in SF

Ready to Submit Your Proposal?