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Women Leading in Equity

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We're Bringing Women Together Across Equity to Help Shape the Future

It's no surprise that women navigate unique challenges in the workplace, and the world of equity compensation is no different. Even as more women rise within leadership, barriers such as stereotypes, double standards, and glass ceilings may continue to impact women’s ability to grow and achieve influence in their careers.

How do you overcome these barriers, transform the status quo, and take ownership of your potential? Explore seminars from the NASPP and Morgan Stanley at Work's Women Leading in Equity program that champion women's advancement, empower leadership growth, and celebrate the first-hand stories of successful women leaders. 

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How We'll Work Together

Take The Lead

Women Leading in Equity combines leadership development and one-to-one mentorship through three virtual programs designed to offer effective and actionable approaches to:

  • Resolve common obstacles

  • Build skills to stand out as a leader

  • Establish and leverage supportive relationships among women across career stages

Each program will include Personal leadership development (45 minutes) featuring keynotes and interviews with women in leadership roles.

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Leadership Development

Take a front row seat as exemplars of leadership in equity will speak to the challenges women face, offer a strengths-based perspective on women's leadership attributes, share their personal journeys, and inspire you to hone your own leadership style. 

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We've assembled a diverse coalition of women helping to shape future generations of leaders and learn from trailblazers who've paved the way.

Mentors and mentees meet regularly in conjunction with leadership seminars.

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Applications Close September 22

Become a Mentor or Mentee

Participate as a

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  • Share your valuable knowledge, skills, and experience to “give back” to others as you help them to advance their own career and overcome challenges

  • Opportunity to develop and practice your own personal style of leadership, including your coaching and listening skills

  • Expand your professional community and visibility within the field

  • Be recognized as a respected expert and role model in your field

  • Gain a greater understanding of the needs and challenges of those newer to your profession

  • Renew your own enthusiasm and personal satisfaction with your career

  • Meet regularly with your mentee virtually

  • Attend at least three of the four Women Leading in Equity programs scheduled

  • Attend our one-time mentor development session

  • Willingly and enthusiastically share your experience and tips for success within equity compensation

  • Help your mentee to define career objectives and provide constructive feedback

  • Be accessible, engaged, positive and encouraging throughout the program

  • Observe and respect the confidentiality of your conversations with your mentee

  • At least five years of experience in equity compensation

  • Professionals who work in a service provider capacity are not eligible to participate

Participate as a

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  • Build an empowering relationship with an established equity comp mentor who has achieved success and fulfillment in your shared profession

  • Opportunity to candidly share your challenges and goals for constructive feedback and problem solving

  • Better understand your career opportunities and potential for growth

  • Develop your personal leadership style and unique strengths

  • Building your confidence, self-esteem, and satisfaction within your career

  • Expand your professional community and visibility within the field

  • Meet regularly with your mentor virtually

  • Attend at least three of the four Women Leading in Equity programs scheduled

  • Be prepared for your mentorship meetings and take an active role in agenda-setting to maximize your experience

  • Be open and transparent with your goals, expectations, challenges, and concerns so your mentor can best offer guidance

  • Be committed to personal development and both seek and be receptive to constructive feedback

  • Be accessible, engaged, positive, and encouraging throughout the program

  • Observe and respect the confidentiality of your conversations with your mentor

No "qualifications" necessary - just a desire to learn from others, further develop your personal leadership style, and grow your career. Professionals who work in a service provider capacity are not eligible to participate

Past Seminars

WLE Landing Page - April4 - Networking Skills for Introverts

Networking Skills for Introverts
Recorded April 4, 2024

Everyone agrees that a strong professional network is critical to your career success. From working with internal colleagues to attending industry events, you’ll explore opportunities and tactics to help you not only grow your network, but also help you be more effective at work and advance your professional growth.

WLE Landing Page - Feb1 - Working with Your Board and C-Suite

Working with Your Board and C-Suite
Recorded on February 1, 2024

Get key strategies to support your board and C-suite as they navigate equity compensation decisions. You’ll learn hot-button equity comp boardroom topics and key data to have at the ready. You’ll also get critical guidance on how to approach reporting on your equity plan to your executive team to help you shine your brightest. 

WLE Landing Page - Nov2 - Advocating for Yourself and Your Career

Advocating for Yourself and Your Career
Recorded on November 2, 2023

Ever wanted a promotion, more responsibility, additional resources, or a raise but didn’t know how to ask? Uncover strategies for advocating on your own behalf. You’ll learn how to support your request and how to navigate rejection. Plus, get critical guidance on how to benchmark your compensation.

Feb8 - Growing and Managing a Team

Growing and Managing
a Team

February 8, 2023

Leadership includes not just managing your own career but also supporting and guiding your direct reports. In this webinar, senior leaders of equity compensation departments will share how they build and manage their teams. They'll offer tips for creating a collaborative environment (even when your team is remote), holding team members accountable, and ensuring that your reports have opportunities to grow their own careers.



Barbara Baksa
Executive Director,

Suzie Bentley
Director, Global Equity,

Carrie Kovac
Director, Equity Programs,

Kathy Son
Director, Global Equity Operations,

Nov9 - Budgeting

How to Get & Manage the
Budget You Need

November 9, 2022

Do you feel like you manage your stock plan on a shoestring? This session will feature veteran stock plan professionals who share how they approach budgeting. Whether you need budget to expand your staff, implement a new solution, or another purpose, we'll discuss strategies for building a business case, presenting your request to your executive team, and managing your budget once you have it.



Nancy Kobs
Director, Global Equity Programs,
Palo Alto Networks

Geetika Prasad
Director, Stock Admin & Accounting,

Christine Zwerling
Director, Senior Shareholder Services,

Aug24 - How to Approach Your Career Strategically

How to Approach Your
Career Strategically

August 24, 2022

Most of us who work in stock compensation landed here unexpectedly. But continuing to just let your career happen to you may not result in the opportunities for personal growth that you are looking for. This webinar will feature three senior-level equity compensation professionals who will discuss potential paths for careers in this field and offer tips for being both intentional and strategic with your own path.



Barbara Baksa
Executive Director,

Paz Dizon
Head of Stock Plan Services,
Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Stacy Fox
Equity Lead,

Kelly Geerts
Executive Director, COO, US Public Equity Solutions,
Morgan Stanley at Work

Clear Concise and Confident

Clear, Concise, and Confident: Communication Skills for Leaders
February 23, 2022

Do you often find that you either over communicate, don’t convey the right message, or don’t know where to start?  This can lead to your messages being misunderstood or missed entirely. Find out how to communicate effectively, efficiently, and engagingly with messaging tailored to your audience. 



Nichole Snyder
Executive Director, Communications & Employee Experience
Morgan Stanley at Work

Reporting Up

Reporting Up: Gaining Visibility for Your Work
December 8, 2021

It's critical that your immediate manager and C-suite understand the value that you bring to your company. Get guidance from experienced equity comp professionals as they share strategies for demonstrating the value of your contributions. We'll dive into the what, when, where, and how of managing your visibility so that you can develop your own "reporting up" game plan. 



Jennifer Araujo
Sr. Analyst, Equity

Barbara Baksa
Executive Director

Catrice Cooke
Manager, Equity Compensation
Travel + Leisure Co.

Donna Spinola
Director, Stock Administration and Payroll
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

Courageous Communications

Courageous Communication in the Workplace
September 22, 2021

Being able to truly and courageously speak your mind in the workplace can be a key component to elevating your profile within your organization. We'll focus on the compelling reasons why women might not feel comfortable speaking up, present key tactics to help build communication skills, and leave attendees with a better understanding of the dynamics that inform assertive communication.



Kate Winget
Managing Director
Morgan Stanley at Work

Getting Your Seat at the Table

Getting Your Seat at the Table
July 21, 2021

Do you find yourself shut out of key decisions impacting the equity plans you are responsible for? Hear from stock plan professionals who successfully established a voice in their company’s equity program design and decision-making process and elevated their careers as a result. They will offer tips for your own success, as well as mistakes to avoid along the way.



Veena Bhatia
Head of Global Stock Administration

Noopur Iyer
Head of Global Equity,
Zoom Video Communications

Susan Miller
Manager, Equity Plan
Lockheed Martin

Past Blog and Podcast

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